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Born in Milledgeville, GA. and adopted at age five, I view my efforts as Humanitarian, Entrepreneur. I hope they help someone along the way.

Attended public and private military school, a lesson within itself.

All from watching our local Christmas Parade. I knew that was what I wanted to do. Little did I know the price I would have to pay to do the same.

Academically, I thought it was a whole new world. Just receiving the books was quite intimidating. I thought I would never catch up. On top of that, there were all the other distracters. The social and cultural differences and in addition to all of that, there was the military component. On a daily basis, we trained for the military - ROTC.

My biggest distracter was The Bull Ring. This was a form of punishment and was pretty easy to get. The honor was afforded by a collection demerits and once you accumulated so many, you would get an hour to walk. Most of mine came from uniform violations and a good bit of my spare time was spent on The Bull Ring. Between The Bull Ring and studying, I hardly had time for anything else.

Imagine a group of circle painted on a blacktop parking lot, all getting smaller until you reach a small dot –about a 1 foot diameter circle. Yes, I’ve walked it. You marched, military style with a real weapon on your shoulders, an hour or two almost every afternoon.

Today, the only value from it was exercise, practice marching and mandatory time to think about all the other stuff you could be doing. But I was a good marcher and really enjoyed The Christmas Parade.

Academically, it took every bit of my effort just to stay there. It wasn’t until I figured out I was a bit athletic that I felt really a part of the student body. That made it all worth going through.

Another advantage to attending GMC was it was a high school and Jr. College. Upon completion of high school the transition into college was easy. Even for me.

Still undecided about my career field, I knew education was not it and I felt I was not college material. I think someone may have hinted that somewhere so, I felt it. I could have come to that conclusion on my own. Somehow, knew I should continue on to Jr. College while the opportunity presented itself.

My father passed, he was 69 and I was devastated and did not understand it. Now I look back, I think it was the same for my mom but we did not talk about it. He was the love of my life. He was the reason for everything that I did. I cherished the ground he walked on. He was a painter and owned his own business. He had one employee, guess who that was. I started painting so early in life, I don’t even remember when. I must have been some where around age five. That’s how I earned money and helped to pay for my education. He often emphasized, “Being yourself and Doing your very best”.

Thank God, GMC was a high school and junior college. With much encouragement from my mom, I kept going and I stuck with it through high school and college.

Upon completion of junior college nothing had changed. I had a two diplomas and not a clue. But was happy this was the end of school so I thought.

I was finally finished with the bullring, academic challenges and struggling with studying for something I had no idea how to apply. I knew nothing, in my hometown which was my life, that would welcome me and the knowledge I sacrificed for.

But not my mom, she knew exactly what to do with me and it. She worked at Georgia College for Women and helped me to get a job on the paint crew. I enjoyed my crew and still have fond memories of us today. They were a dedicated group of black men and very helpful. They made what I considered to be a degrading job, a very pleasant life experience. I knew college students paid no attention to that kind of thing.

As an ROTC grad, I entered into the delayed entry program to finish my next two years of college. Remember school was a struggle for me, now I was tired of it. I knew I could not work much longer on the paint crew and I could not quit and take chance of disappointing my mom.

I summed it all up and surmised that most of my experience was painting and military. I met the local army recruiter; at that time it was C. Jack Ellis. Currently he is the Mayor, Macon, Georgia. I forfeited the delay entry program, my bachelor's degree and join the military as a Private, E-2.

That did not go over well with my mom. All the hard work and sacrifice we had made and gone through together from 8th through two years of college. All the big hopes and dreams were compromised by me making my own decision to enlist into the army.

It wasn’t until a couple of years later that she forgave me and that started to respect my decision, when I was selected for a job at The White House.

I was select and told I had what they wanted but would not be accepted until the successful completion of a security clearance, with a Special Background Investigation.

I had not a clue and my mom well, I could just see on her face –You had better get it.

I was on security hold for one year. Imagine at age 19, doing all you could “not” to get in any trouble. After about nine months of staying inside, I tired of waiting so long for something I wasn’t sure I would get. I wanted to give up waiting for a dream job greater than I had ever dreamed. I told myself, it now going to happen to you. That is exactly how I felt...this is a dream and it can’t come true. Wake up!!!

So I ready to throw the towel in and start doing some of the exciting things I was hearing about during my military travels. Three months a later, I just about to go out on the town in Atlanta, GA, when my mom phoned and told me, The White House was looking for YOU. She was so excited. She had received the call so I had nothing to explain. She told what they said and I returned the call.

I thought, what a coincident, my mom works at The Old Governor’s Mansion and me, at The White House.

At age twenty-one, my life started to come together. I met new family members and last but not least, my wife from Howard University.

I was a fairly tale come true. I worked there for five years, during the Carter and Ragan administration. Everyday was full of super heroes, hard workers, super talented individuals, success oriented individuals even Saturdays and Sundays. Note, I did not say people who talked about what they wanted to do but people who were doing it -- White house staff, Secret Service, dignitaries, business people, striker’s celebrities, drivers, maids and cooks from all over the world. The best of the best doing what they do best!

As I traveled for the white house, I stayed in places most would never dream of. I never thought such places even existed. My most noted experience was Rome, Italy and being blessed by the Pope.

From the best, I watched and learned the kind of life I wanted to lead and how to move up through the ranks. I was even more convinced that I could do and I should do it. Now, I had to get on my own path to that level of success.

I applied, was accepted and completed Officer Training School, Ft. Benning, GA. Unfortunate, I could not keep my present job after becoming an officer. Though it was hard for me to leave The White House, deep down, I knew I had to. Becoming an officer inspired me to complete my bachelors¦ degree. I attended the University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, earning a bachelors degree in training. It was there I learned I was college material. I had great instructors and excelled in my studies.

After twenty-three years of military service, enlisted and officer, and my wife leaving me, I retired. I traveled internationally looking for a place to call home. Finally deciding to settle in, Kaiserslautern, West Germany, I started my first business.

I opened and operated clubs and restaurants, offering American style food and entertainment to the Europeans. What an awesome experience!!! Again I had an opportunity to meet and/or greet and serve with more super heroes, the first black astronauts¡¦ wife, sororities and fraternities, tourist from over the world, The five Blind Boys from Alabama and many others.

I joined Alpha Phi Alpha and as of today, I still work with some of the most talented people in the world and I support and commend them for their efforts. It has made a difference in my life.

Well, clubs and restaurants are great, but everything has its ups and downs. After seven years it was time to move on. Love being an entrepreneur but I needed more skills, plus I learned my mom had contracted the dreaded Alzheimer disease.

1998, I returned to America and took care of my mom. As her primary care-giver, I took on several jobs. I worked in the juvenile justice, department of corrections and in the disciplinary component of our local school system. They all took away from my ability to be “the best” care-giver. However, I did realize there is a serious need for more Inspiration, Spirituality and Income.

I attempted several small business opportunities and this one has been the most rewarding by far. I’ve kind of grown into.

I grown through the fear of writing, I've learned I do not need to be a journalist to produce a great written work. Grown through the web master, copy writing, web guru and I am very pleased with being "the best" Humanitarian and Entrepreneur I can be.

And it is All because it was something I could do, that would not take away from my care-giving responsibilities.

In February 2006, my mom passed.

I continue my efforts stiving to be the best humanitarian and entrepreneur.

Now, I've just met you.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my website and are inspired to share your experience.

Art Thomas

PS. I thank those who helped me get through my care-giving challenges and building this awesome website.

Have you heard this one: The Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic was built by professionals.

When I find it I will quote it.

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