At risk and high risk adults

Dealing with them for social good, HOW???? Working with adults at risk of harm.

How else will there be a change? People who bite the hand that feeds them??? With every person I talk, they describe it as a death wish or a futile effort. It is the war being fought on home ground. They refuse to get too close to at risk or high risk, especially adults. And there may be good reason(s), but I say somebody has to do that job. How else will there be a change? I do not know how I got this job, but I have been doing it all my life.

Why? What are the calls of distress? Who responsible to heed them? Do you want "anyone" to answer? During my life, I have felt this way, yet people view me as high or at risk to the good of whatever they were doing. In some cases they were right, because I did not want to do anything bad.

I am out to prove myself and them wrong. I cannot live in harmony listening to all the calls of distress. Further, the worst things become economically, the more distress.

In one market system being in the black is good and in the other being in the Black Market is self-defeating. One is fair/ethical versus unfair/unethical. It is often thought the Black Market operates seperate from the government, but this is not true. The Black Market is live and well in every discipline and at every level in life.

What age group? 18 - 80 years of age. From where do they come? They come from homes like yours, relatives without strong faith. They allow feelings of being rejected, anger with the world, denied a fair chance at life for no reason, to control their lives. They take whatever devious things others have done to them, as a personal slap in the face and seeks revenge.

What market? This is the Black Market. Some people including me welcome the black market, when it is giving YOU a good deal, but think when you become the victim and that is your hard earned stuff being sold for $10. What kind of good deal is that? The Black market is illegal and unethical business practices, like the buying or selling of stolen goods or violating rationing. You give each child a cookie and one of them returns to steal. When you contribute to this market, in most cases, it is like contributing to your enemy, your own death, your own demise.

Is it natural? No, it is not natural for us to want to take the advantage and destroy each other, but some allow conditions to dictate that change. How do we teach our children? Why teach one child how to take advantage of another? How does he get money? Is is logical and legal? Are you training your child to become a weak criminal or a good strong in faith person? But it is natural to do social good.

Identifying them? They are mostly low self-esteem men, and women and children do partake. They are very nice and respectful as they make you their next target. They really go overboard at offering to help you. As they work, the carry extra clothing to conceal whatever they take. They have their buddies lined up so they can hastily get rid of whatever they steal. They have very good organizational skills? They always have some kind of blatant identifying mark, whether it is shifty eyes, sunk back in their head. It is like they are in a trance determined to get you. They watch you like a hawk or a snake at it’s prey.

How does that feel? For the victim, I can only imagine a rape victim, stealing “All” of your private possessions. Angry, bitter, everything for which you have worked is now gone.

For the perpetrator, some great act of violation, in which you accomplished something, by beating down an innocent person. How would you feel to come back home and find all your important stuff, you have collected over the years to make your job easier, is now gone to the Black Market. And if not careful, it will make you want to take revenge or do the same. Then the circle grows.

What do you want to prove? I want to prove that under the right conditions or given the right environment, anybody can change. There will be no reason for any one of us to grossly disrespect the other. As a matter of fact, just the opposite response.

Real scenario? Today, I received another great stumbling block, disturbing incident, violated and a great act of betrayal. They are of the age where you think they would know better. At approximately 10:00am, I, Arthur R. Thomas, reported to local officials that my home had been burglarized. Stolen were my weedeater, blower, air compressor, truck battery, marine battery, (chain saw27May2011) and lawnmower. I have been in my home since 1965, without incident.

What happens now and have I fail my job? My faith is questioned? I could take revenge and even though I am the victim, I now become the perpetrator. But all of that is not worth it. My neighborhood goes to the Devil. My neighbors are shocked and close their doors out of fear. My neighborhood becomes an eye sore, littered with people from this trashy market to help discourage, intimidate and disguise their miss conduct and bad behavior.

What will I do? As helpless as I am, I cannot give up on myself, so I may as well continue helping others.

How can you help? Support and support those who do? We can all join together in being more attentive, vigilant and report, to local authorities, all suspicious behavior.

How do we work to safeguard at risk, high risk adults?


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