Maintain A Healthy Attitude

Giant Panda Bear - Endanger Species

Two categories of issues, minor issues and the rest of the story.

Do not allow minor issues to become major problems. It just ain't healthy.

If something angers you, "they say it" controls you.

Healthy attitudes redeem greater value - less stress and frustration – makes it much easier to accept life as it happens.

Do not allow others to push your buttons. If for some reason they do, learn the power of "tune them out". Forgive them and yourself. Move on as fast as possible.

Laugh, share and be open and honest abour minor incidents or infractions. It could always be worse.

Be much more pleasant to work with or around. You don't want be a time bomb ready to explode at the slightest unfriendly behavior or gesture.

It's important to Practice while driving!

These kind of people are few and far between so, that gives you the advantage.

A Healthy attitude yields one thing, a happy life can not be without – a deep sense of humor.

One more "breath", one more chance to improve on the situation of yesterday.

Thank God!

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