Bait and Switch

Even as one voice I must cry out.

They move into environmentally clean neighborhoods.

They hire people, ruin their health, pollute their atmosphere, dump their waste, then move on to other locations; leaving a ravaged ecology and shattered lives in their wakes.

They bait and switch the gullible, hook them, rook them, scramble their brains, drain their finances and their will to live, ruin their health, ruin their families, and leave human degradation in their wake.

For the ones who are unaware and unfamiliar with the tragedies suffered, I invite you to stop for just a moment and imagine. Think.

Help deal with emotions, anger, bitter disappointments, and frustrations at being duped, scammed, swindled, conned, mind-controlled, and having our lives altered by, what I consider to be, an evil travesty, a little Red Robin Hood, in "the land of the free".

We need to know who is trustworthy, for the good of the whole, as we live upon this earth.

If not, this statement will ring louder and more clear than ever:

The Promised Land Before Them, Toxic Wasteland Behind Them.

Global Warming.

Fore-Warned Is Fore-Armed

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