A good occassion to celebrate

life and that is great but, the question that comes to my mine is: Why is it that "Christians traditionally" celebrate with "the birthday person being on the receiving end"??? They should be happy just to have made another birthday.

For most Americans it is tradition that family and friends of the person having the birthday provide for celebration. That would quickly appear as a great incentive or room for compromising of the whole idea of celebrating ones birthday. Plus, a few people may have misgivings for one reason or another.

I would not have known any better had I not visited and had the opportunity to observe others, who birthdays are celebrated just the opposite. It is tradition that the person having the birthday provide for celebration.

In the spirit of the latter tradition, it seems more people are going to be happy --The birthday person and his guests.

Further, it appears the true spirit of Christanity is in giving and a birthday would be another great opportunity to give thanks for receiving life, not gifts. Certainly, that is a great reason to share a token with family and friends.

Is that all we know, upside down or what?

Practice spending more time in prayer and service with your chosen family, like any other day.

Instead of being the recipient of gifts -- Give them. Flip the Script. You will receive a lot more gifts and more frequent.

Birthdays, Stop looking for self-serving gifts and celebrations and remember what birthdays are really all about, you have received another tremendous blessing, a full year of life.

Share it and come full circle.

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