Bridging the Gap

A Bridge To Now

Lisbon Bridge, Portugal

All aboard! The train departs now. Not an American train,,,the Conductor is probably texting a message, but a German train. Did you make it?

"All I know is that prayer constructs a velvet bridge And walking it we are aloft, as on a springboard, Above landscapes the color of ripe gold." -- Czeslaw Milosz

International ,Multi-Cultured Colored Diverse Audience

Bridging The Gap, we have our own perceived and inherent differences. However, on the inside, we are pretty much the same.

Open lines of communication, dialogue is the best way to maintain this bridge. Bridges not borders!

international flags
Thank You!

At times and/or to some, it may seem we address and post what may appear to be racially or culturally biased or motivated material.

That's not our intent, in my mind, it's a reality and none of it has been authored by an African-Americans.

---"Bridging The Gap". ---

grow to bridge the gap...


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