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Bullet Ant

Gloves, Hands, Manhood "The 24 hour Ant"

Named for its powerful and potent sting, pain lasting 24 hours, bullet ants have the most painful sting of all known insects. Up to 1 in. long, bullet ants look like stout, reddish-black, wingless wasps. Its venom is a neurotoxin which causes violent tremors, nausea, severe pain and in a few cases even death.

Their sting is described as the feeling of being shot with a bullet!

Can you imagine putting your hands in a glove filled with dozens of these critters? In parts of this world rituals are held using bullet ants as a Rite of Passage to man hood--The Setere-Mawe people of Brazil . The tribe’s medicine man or elders catch and drug the ants. While they are druged, the ants are placed into the gloves, ensuring stingers are facing the inside layers of the gloves. During the ritual, young boys stick their hands inside gloves filled with dozens of bullet ants, holding them inside for 10 minutes. Not once but twenty times before the rite can be granted. It is said this process makes participants strong warriors.

What rites of passage do us westerners have? Is the age of eigthteen or twenty-one it? See I do not even know what age?

How much would it take for you to put your hands in gloves filled with "Bullet Ants" for one minute?

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