The Candy Cane

Candy cane = Lots of history

Represents History in Loving Thoughts

There are many legends and beliefs surrounding the candy cane. Many of them depict the candy cane as a secret symbol for Christianity during the times when Christians lived under more oppressive circumstances.

The candy cane is shaped like a "J" for Jesus and the staff of the "Good Shepard".

The red-and-white stripes represent Christ's blood and purity.

The three red stripes symbolizes the Holy Trinity.

The hardness of the candy represent the Church's foundation on a solid rock.

The peppermint flavor represents the use of hyssop, an herb referred to in the Old Testament.

A half heart and when two are positioned together, you get the shape of the heart; representing, the heart and soul of love, while God is love.

The sweetness represents the sweetness of love. Green candy canes? Lovely thoughts.

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J - Dollar?

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