Challenge and Condition

Art Thomas are you...

How are you? What's going on? How are you handling it? Are you doing the best you can?

These are all normal questions about abnormal situations and most often provokes a scripted response.

Are we a scripted society, what good is that? Does that equate to being creatures of habit? Being a scripted society, do we actually consider most of what we say and do? Are we just repeating something we heard from a previous experience? Because everything looks the same are we missing new developments?

Challenge and Condition are two extremes without reason. What is the condition that makes you go from extremely low to extremely high and vice-versa without any reason? We call it a disorder!

The middle is well wider than the ends but I can't seem to balance there. Can you? Every time I lose consciousness, I drift from one end to the other. Sad or happy, depression to mania? They all bring about uncontrollable crying spells, lack or excessive sleep, difficulty in accomplishing simple tasks, narrow attention span, reduction in appetite or excessive eating, no money or excessive spending, couch or super active.

There are long periods, months and years between lows and highs, lows last forever and highs are short lived. There seems to be no end to this madness, no matter what I do. Is this some kind of Bipolar disorder? What else can I do?

Are you a survivor and do you need help?

    Where is help for the weary, the person who cannot go to doctors? How do you stay in the middle as much as possible? It is the same thing from which our economy suffers. To which doctor do we send it? Whose willing to take the first step?

  • to meet every challenge and condition comfortably and with ease?

  • to no longer be apprehensive, with assurance as well?

  • to be free from worry, discord or discontent?

  • to receive divine strength, wisdom and guidance--even beyond what you ask or seek?

    See me through the grace of God and I am gracious as I find my way.

    Humble is the way!

    (((your inner


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