Change is certain - Progress is not

Change is scientific, progress is ethical; change is indubitable, ... One thing we know for sure is that change is certain, progress is not. ...??? An observation made about mankind and about leadership. Gradual Change is not Progress???

My conversation with myself, How can you have change without progress? Why certainly, there is no progress without change. You can only go backwards for so long, then a change is going to come. Time and tide waits not man. Progress is inevitable; however, the attitude behind change is is not. Just think, if we had to wait on certain people for progress, there would be none.

Progress is also an individual’s perspective, no matter the situation, if an individual, like myself, sees themselves as not progressing that is a lick on them. Then, if you see people around you not progressing, how can you see yourself progressing? That brings up another question, what are you doing?

Everyday, I get better and better and I know one day I will nolonger be able to do what I used to. So that is why I do what I do today, encourage fellow beings to do something to better themselves everyday. Somethings that come to mind are the great pyramids-progress, how they were built is still a mystery. Now, in more modern times, if my parents prospered with what little they had, then why not me? We have progressed so much that we have progressed ourselves into an economic breakdown and double standards are the culprit.

Things for which we are asking today, were a given yesterday. People have to be more understanding and sympathetic to “the needs of others”. That is progress. There is no other choice, there is no other way; if we want to survive. So whether or not we create a law, common sense will prevail.

Let’s say we were struck by a disaster, I have one choice: I can help, because choosing not to is not an option. I am obligated to help, whether I do or do not, either way, it is going to come back to me, but I do not desire anything bad to be returned to me. Then, where is my option?

Failing to provide health care where and as needed is suicidal, not to mention moral and ethical obligations. So, you can do all you can to help, either way, be prepared for your consequences, because Progress is inevitable and what you do...

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