Court Ordered Child Support for abandonment

Call Tyrone!

Then, stay your a sugar sugar at home and provide the love and support your babies need.

The rest is just an excuse. You should have thought about that before crossing that bridge.

I am not against child-support but I am concerned the system is a outdated, not fair and easily manipulated by evil minds.

Not everyone wants to fall victim, for example: Myself. I would rather have a hand in raising my children verses all that comes with child support.

I can not afford to pay nor do I think I deserve to pay.

I am healthy, I have a home and food to eat and would do all I could to ensure I met their needs. My children are welcome to share.

But paying is out of the question, because I can not afford that.

Because she has decided to go elsewhere and took our children, for that, I do not think she deserves my financial support. That is supporting my problem.

Don't tell me it is for the children. I strongly disagree. If you can not afford them, leave them at home.

In my case, my wife took our children and abandoned me. Shortly afterwards she took out, what I would call a restraining order. I guess, in her mind she was protecting them but in reality she was keeping me away, while buying time to get her ducks in a row.

Then she asked or filed for child support. How can you think you deserve child support for abondoning me and stealing our children?

She and her supporters has turned my children against me, rejected and/or defaulted on every attempt I have personally made to reconcile our differences.

Now, fifteen years later, as she officially files for divorce, she has included child support and may be able to take advantage of the current legal system to get whatever she can.

I can not see, in my heart of hearts, how she or anyone else could see child support as a plausible solution, in this case.

From Abandonment to Healing!

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