A World Class Citizen

Why isn't it enough to be a good old fashion human being?

A citizen of the world, a world class citizen - clever and note worthy. Me too! Art is allowed to go anywhere because he is not involved in all your political drama. Just the way it used to be, so who screwed things up?

What if more people thought like that? I'm writer by passion and doing my very best to write "to the top".

From whom are we running and hiding? To whom are we making a demographic statement?

It's hard for me to pass up a compulsive and voracious reader, especially with a global perspective. Maybe there is an opportunity to learn and teach. If you are open, I hope to hear from you.

How far do we go with this classification stuff? Now, one human being cannot recognize a fellow human before identifying with all their other demographics.

What's wrong with Good and Bad people and if someone is being bad, unite together to correct them? Would people not respect logic and reasoning? Then why and how can you expect them to respect all this other demographic stuff?

I don't care from where you come, if you have good intentions why not allow you to safely pass? Why put up a rejection sign, just because? What happens when you find yourself in a strange land? What happens if they have put up a WANTED POSTER for you? What if you have been identified as a terrorist? Analyze, accept or reject?

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