Everybody Loves Coach Rob

"The greatest of all values is human courage." - Coach Eddie G. Robinson -

Everybody Loves Coach Rob

Sounds like a great way to live ones life and certainly, a great way to be remembered.


There are so many reasons. Negative press could be one, especially when it comes to black men.

Growing up and raising a family can be hard, particularly during what may be perceived as, hard times. Further, just may be there are no good role models in your life. Plus, life can be viewed as hard. But when you find someone who has master the game, let it serve as a lesson learned.

One of the things I took from reading about Coach Rob is, being a loving and obedient child will bring you through.

During his life, I am sure Coach Rob efforts has inspired many to do and be the same.

It must have been a blessing and honor to have been on his team.

With that said, I hope you find the same.

Paying it forward.

Robinson Museum

Coach Rob

A Good Black Man

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