Coast For Christ Baptist Ministries

Ghana, West Africa

Helping the Children of Ghana, W.A.

Coast for Christ Baptist Ministries (CFCBM), a ministry of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, began as a vision of Pastor Edward J. Enim & Constance, his wife in early 1981.

The ministry became a reality in July 1995 with the help of Rev. Dan. M. Hodges.

CFCBM has a vision of winning the fishing community along the coast of Ghana, for Christ.

The purpose is to bring them to Christ while providing education, health & vocational skills.

CFCBM exist to:

  • Preach and teach Christ through the counsel of the Holy Spirit;

  • Disciple converts to the faith in Christ & Plant churches.

  • Provide theological education to those called to the pastorate or other Christian ministries;

  • Work with others of the same faith, aim and objectives.

The doctrinal stand of CFCBM, a fully constituted ministry, is evangelical.

Target Audience- The more than 500,000 fisher people along a 200 mile stretch of the coast of Ghana. These people-uneducated, diseased, and poor-are the marginalized. They are mostly idol worshipers.

Existing Ministries: Evangelism, Church Planting, Bible Training Institute, Educational Programs, Literacy Program, Fishing Ministry, Medical Ministry, Vocation School, HIV-AIDS Program, Provision of Clean Water and Farming Ministry.

Ministry Opportunities for you…PRAY daily for the ministry to reach its target audience for Christ. Pray that God would reveal to you ways you can become a part of the ministry. GIVE-Make a difference in the lives of over 40,000 for now and for eternity by generously supporting CFCBM’s operating budget for at least $30,000.

Construction: Create or join a team to construct new church buildings schools, clinics, and other facilities for the children of the Lord JESUS in Africa.

TEACH: Use your teaching skills to teach children. Train teachers in effective teaching strategies and use your theological training to lecture in the Bible Training Institute.

Medical: Be a part of a medical team that partners with CFCBM for medical missions in the rural areas and in the hospital.

Evangelism: Share the good news with a receptive audience in the rural area.

We ask you to help where you can. A great place and way to start is by reaching out to get to know them.

Edward is often in America helping where he can and to get what ever help we offer to his country.

A great way to start is by getting aquainted. Reach out and see if they will reach back.

I am sure Edward will be happy to hear from you.

Edward J. Enim
P.O. Box 378,
Winneba, Ghana, West Africa.
Tel: 233-208-171-800, 233-432-22470

Official Website --Coast For Christ Baptist Ministries, Ghana, West Africa.

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