Is it still a crime to help African-Americans and Africans


I do not like to be so racist but what other way do I deal with racism, if I do not talk about it? That's problem in itself.

My question today, 2011, is it still a crime to help African-Americans and Africans? IF we aren't helping them, what exactly are we doing? If they ain't helping you and you ain't helping you, can you blame anybody for not helping somebody who will not help themselves? Are we a pathetic people?

African-Americans Did you know it was and still might be, in some states, a crime to help African-Americans? It ain't been that long ago, the early 1900's, in America, that it was a crime to help Blacks.

First, is there any reason why African-Americans "should"/deserve any greater priority in receiving aid and assistance? Now, let me reverse? What country is responsible for "Enslaving African-Americans"? Once African-Americans were freed, did they help them?

So how did they pull that off They just ignored you, as a human being? Who is they? Well, that is a good question and proves that it has not stopped. It was actually embraced to hate and abuse black folks and it hadn't changed very much in 2011.

What is your relationship to the Black American community ARe you in denial? Is it the same as any other old community? Why are we so concerned about Israel?

How do you just shut your mouth and mind your own damn business, but helping Black people has never been American business, So Blacks helping Blacks has never been community business. As a matter of fact, it is just the opposiste.

Now, that is why I ask: Is it still a crime to help African-Americans? Is it still a crime for them to help themselves?

Africans in Africa As an American, it makes no sense, just as I am sure what's going with African-Americans make no sense to them. What happens when we stop making sense to each other? What happens when we allow foreigners to offer and sell us weapons to destroy us, so they can get their way?

Is it a crime to help Africans and Africans in America? Is it against the law for Africans to help African Americans and vice-versa. Is it not worth it? Then why don't we?

Is it against the law for them to help themselves? Why wouldn't a group of people help themselves?

(((your inner

Marcus Garvey

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