cultural awareness and money


What does money have to do with cultural awareness

Normally, nothing but the way we've built our economy, money has everything to do with it. What cultural traits? Does that mean America has no hope or is all our hope in money? That seems like a no win situation.

Behaviors and beliefs equals culture. Does In God We Trust being printed on our money give any indication to how we believe or behave? Are we any wiser with our money or quite the contrary?

I do not know what this mean for our social and economic decline but every politician is raising money. They say, they need it to beat the other party?

So what is this saying to America? Increasingly, more organizations are doing the same. Even though our means to earn money are decreasing, Americans are being asked for more and more money.

What happens when that runs out? Will the other party just take over and if they do, will they destroy all for which we have worked? Which side do you trust more? Is that going to bring us all together?

Out of culture and money what is most illuminating?

(((your inner

Cultural awareness provide hope

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