Too much debt leads to recession and depression.

The literary culture of the American people is in some areas quite advanced.

When you do encounter unforeseen circumstances, which causes you to miss payment, then the creditor threatens and attempts to ruin your credit history--bad credit and possiblly your means of livelihood. They start all kind of predatory efforts to make barrows repay. When the real problem is, WE ARE BEING GROSSLY MISLED. Collective efforts to support bad spirits. We make it so attractive and easy to get in debt. Debt for the right reason is a blessing.

Debt in one school we are taught to avoid, as much as possible. In reality we taught you with efforts lure you in debt. Like smoking, unprotected sex, drugs so is the temptation to get into debt. What and why a budget, when all over America, creditors are strongly encouraging you to get in debt. Seems very confusing, mixed signals! Nobody says anything. It seems we are one country who believes we can get ahead by getting in debt. What is living like the Jones's? The heck with any unforeseen circumstances. You are okay as long as you make regular scheduled payments.

I will share a few words that may encourage you, as much as possible, but discourage going into debt.

Predatory lending ruins the spirit of giving and sharing. Like an animal being led to slaughter so are we led to debt. Why should our lenders change, if we are so eager to barrow? House, auto, prices super inflated and our efforts to own them are out of control.

One can pay back the loan of gold, but one lies forever in debt to those who are kind. Don't think there are no crocodiles because the water is calm. Trumpet in a herd of elephants; crow in the company of cocks; bleat in a flock of goats. --Malayan Proverb and so is debt.

Too much debt leads to recession and depression. Lending to people who can not afford to pay back.

Proverbs 22

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