do to get you

Am I the one? The only one? Can U have too many good sPLaces? wHen will our leaders emerge?

We can do fb, twitter, linked in, Aol... but what about your own? What about what's right under your nose? If you had fb or any other website, would it be a success like they are today? Are you a loser? Can you not realize and grow an opportunity. What if they took as long as you? This is the information/technological age?

We always want to look for online information, but we do not put a damn thing online but Bullshit. Will we ever help ourselves? Who cares if you have 500 friends, what are you doing with them? If you are not careful this too will become as common as walking pass some of your old exercise equipment, you pay it no attention and that same principal caused us to lose our JOBS.

Ask yourself the right questions? Really, how good is retirement? Did you get it right this time? We go from nothing to even more nothing, how functional is that? Short and Long term viability does not have to be a pipe dream.

You know, we've got so many things going on in our lives and as soon as you test one of them, you learn they ain't worth a shit. Try it! Just try it! Employ one of your family members to do what I'm doing here. Is it needed, necessary, important more so that the SOS we do everyday? How long will it take for you to realize, the shit you're doing is sending us to hell and if you don't change, nothing is going to happen?

Life is too short! You say you don't want no drama! You want to be surrounded by like-minded individuals, so shit or get off the pot. Too often I'm hearing "What I need to do", but my question to you is: "What do you need to do"?

We "all" stand in need, so what are the GREATER doing for the LESSER? Do you really know how to organize and make something GREAT happen? Are you helping me to help your ass?

Is this website functional? Are there real people on the other side of your screen standing in need of the information you hold? Are we too "goody two shoe"? I employ you to join in with me.

This is your opportunity, one of them, to make this website FUNCTIONAL or are we just a "bunch of dead beats" """"crying"""" to get a lick?

How exposed are you? How is it to work with people, the world over, to be a problem solver, to offer them a place of REFUGE? From this website, you can teach, learn, share with all your friends on every social network. Isn't that amazing? This is not the only one but one.

Intellectual property, work with your brain. You can feed them all day long on any social network and what will you get in return, but feed them here on YIV, then at least you stand a chance of getting something in return. You say, why do anything without EXPECTATIONS?

I say to "all" my readers, is this a "ME PLANT" AND "ME GARDEN"? Do you not see this as a "SENSE OF URGENCY"?

You ask why is there nothing for SENIORS? Keep your mind SHARP and your behavior will change. How many SENIORS stand in need of what we're doing here? How many Juniors stand in need of what we're doing here?

Short and Long term viability does not have to be a pipe dream. It can be a reality in your life. To discover how to create short and long term viability in your life, share it?

You say, "I don't know", but everyday you get up off your sorry asses and push one button, is that the spirit in which you move the masses? Are we afraid of each other? What's holding Art back? Is it Art? What's holding you back? "We are back aren't we?" Is it you? Why can't we be energetic, open, joyful, sharing, honest, responsive,,,make shit happen. BLESSED THOUGHT GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN.

(((your inner

An Educated man

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