Dirty Don

Picks on young girls

Dirty Don and if offense is taken, I would like to meet and apologize.

I question the attention given his comment "nappy head hos" and it's relation to the Rutgers University's girls basketball team.

The comment alone and in it self could be considered a poor choice of slang but, it was directed to the Rutgers Girls Basketball team, making what would normally be considered slang, an inappropriate, sexually abusive and bordering on racism comment.

I ask myself a few questions?

  1. Is it a justice question or a question of poor judgment?

    Poor judgment and as a particular group was named, the group has a right to respond. His comment associated with a name can be interpreted by the group as “fighting words” therefore; legal action could be possible.

  2. Does his comment represent the views of any particular hate group?

    Probably, but none I know of. Naming a particular group gave an opportunity for that group to pit him against them.

  3. Does his comment threaten life and liberty?

    No, not normally but, when a name is attached, it could. It has singled out a particular group. Just look how fast his comment snow balled into a critical incident.

  4. Demanding resignation, immediate termination, criminal action and/or accept an apology for his behavior?

    The result will be determined by the individual or group referred to but, there is something called slander and in this case the Rutgers girls were slandered.

  5. Do I watch or listen to his show?

    Has nothing to do with being responsible for knowing what is appropriate or inappropriate in your profession. I hope other caring individuals will support.

  6. Is this how we achieve the dream of working in harmony?

    Being this simple incident caused such uproar indicates a serious need for greater work in this area.

  7. What made Brother Imus so comfortable to feel free enough to direct such a comment towards such an impressionable group?

    Brother Imus is sixty something years old directing perverted and abusive comments to young girls less than one third his age and wanting to pass it off as humor.

    Situations like this should be dealt with quickly, easily and in the most diplomatic manner possible. Just think if the girls were just as hot headed and immediately took revenge.

    “Directing” derogatory comments only hinders this process and is an indicator of how far away we are from achieving working together “in harmony”.

    Dirty comments can be made about anyone at any time but when you put a name to them then, do not be surprised at the response.

    Imus said he hoped to meet the Rutgers players, their parents and coaches, and grateful for the appearance on Sharpton's nationally syndicated show.

  8. Why would the girls want to meet with someone who rebutted on national news, resisted and failed to take “total responsibility” for the consequence of his actions?

    Just as Brother Imus wants the girls to excuse his comments, on the same hand, he should be willing to accept total consequences.

  9. Did we give the school and girl's an opportunity to work out their differences? Not sure because Imus went to the media before hand.

My reaction is two-fold:

First of all, Imus' sexually abusive comments were unconscionable. My first reaction is not to the fact that most of the young girls were black, but simply they were girls, striving to become productive young women and being put down by an unthinking troglodyte of a man.

Second, the derogatory remarks were directed toward young people, working to make things better.

At the very time when they should have been applauded by the media, Imus takes the occasion to stun these impressionable minds in a way that will likely affect them for life.

An old way of oppression, instead of promoting good behavior, Imus is prompting bad behavior by bullying and picking on a group of young innocent girls. Why not pick on somebody your own size?

Watching the news, I am impressed these young girls show more equanimity and cool headedness than the overpaid radio personality.

I am hopeful the effect on them will be one of strengthening their determination to never let themselves be defined by someone like Imus.

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