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Which monkey are you on the string… The or Their?

Somebody said I ought to write a little more on "sophisticated and intellectual Americans". Now, that might be a contradiction in terms and here's how.

Have you ever seen relationships too good to be true and you wonder how did that person ever get there? You mean all they did was go to Harvard U. to get that job?

I'm not too sure average or poor Americans understand how much energy and effort sophisticated and intellectual Americans put forth to maintain their relationships. If you did, then average Americans would put forth the same kind of energy and effort to maintain their relationships.

I do not like making distinctions but they do, I think we all are Average Americans, but the money never gets to Average Americans. So, for the purpose of this article please understand the message. I advocate for poor Americans, are they not average Americans?

But as an average American you will never understand the intricate details sophisticated and intellectual Americans go through just to keep you from knowing and that is the whole point – for you to spend your whole life ignorant. They don’t have to steal from each other, why, when they can just “finagle” the money and anything else they want from you.

Finagling works both ways, but today it’s way off balance, therefore; must be met with some form of resistance.

Your faith is weak, your loyalty and dedication compromised. You can’t keep shit and you will “sell out” in a hot minute for a crisp dollar bill. That’s where sophisticated and intellectual Americans want you. It’s very obvious in the Presidential elections. They use your numbers by using their power to persuade you to do what they want to do, in exchange for an empty promise to you for what you want.

Do you really think they give a shit about your poor ass? Do you really think your vote counts? Careful right here Art, because your vote really does count, but because you already voted the wrong people in, it doesn’t count any more. We’re giving away our power to the wrong ones in the process of voting and have significantly diminished our rights to empower. A little knowledge is dangerous and that is who we’re empowering.

What democracy would put up with that kind of shit? And had it not been for Barack Obama we still would have no idea to what extent we’re being abused and oppressed. No, it’s not million dollar abuse, but billions and trillions of dollar abuse (live abuse).

Even though they know by fixing poor people problems would fix all people problems, they would rather give $600 billion to a hand full of corporate greedy bastards than see you with “one dime”. That is the mentality of the kind of people to whom your livelihood is entrusted. As long as you are poor and especially people of color they are going to do everything they can to finagle every dime away from you and on top of all that, they are going to use you as their excuse for failure. And on top of all that, you will continue walking around like you are a sophisticated intellectual American. How can that be - A system mentality.

Learn to finagle your way, obtain by indirect or involved means finagle a ride home, to obtain by trickery

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