FOREVER, yes we can!

How long will your work last? Do you ever think about how life keeps rolling on and you say forever? So what is forever, how long does it take for forever to arrive?

Is forever as slow as Christmas? Does forever take a long time? This might last forever.

If I died today, could I say, "I have loved" and "I have truly opened up my heart"? Now, that is "forever". I pray my children see "forever".

Now, slow down and feel "forever". Do you feel loved. Do you want to give “all” of your love? Now, that is freedom in its purest form. Some of those "indigenous people" kind of freedom.

Freedom, where you are not affraid to walk moon lit nights on city streets, you will enjoy that? You are no longer affraid of the dark. As a matter of fact, darkness awakens all your senses. You are so alert, you can rest in peace.

You ain't affraid your next door neighbor, is your worse enemy. You take your time to get to know the character of the next man, not judge by just what you see.

This might last forever. How long is forever?

I want to thank you forever and may my work bless me. Does your love stop you from being you or does it encourage you?

Where is your heart? Let your light shine "Forever".

(((your inner

Food for the Soul. Is food for the soul forever?

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