Deepest Spiritual Experience

Let's see, you have got the mountains? The rain forests? Antarctic? The oceans, getting deep? The internet?

But understand, it's the desert. I hope that is spelled right? I always want to put two s's.

Spend one night in a Desert - For the deepest spiritual experience. Imagine for the first time, going deep into a dessert for one night? Just you and the man? There would be a lot of thoughts that would come to mind, especially as you all disappeared over the horizon? How do you find your way? Water? Do you have GPS? How do you navigate in a desert? Are you ready?

One thought that comes to mind, right away is, Prisons and Prisoners? What do we do with our prisoners? Do they stand a chance? Not for incarceration, but for the deepest spiritual experience? Capitol punishment, which is more humane? Give a man a fish or...Consult those who know?

For the internet desert, consult SBI-TV

your inner voice ego systems...

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