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Are things really changing, what's slowing them down?

Even as low-ranking officials, we don't do things for ourselves. Someone goes to buy coffee for you. Someone carries your bags for you... How practical? Does it even make sense? Why would you put someone else so high above your own spiritual being and just the opposite?

Does someone shit and piss for you? They are the real tests.

If the act of someone carrying your bags or doing your work for you is viewed as charming, then you are sick in the head. What has happen to the incentive to work together in peace and harmony? Would those be the standards for everyone or just for the kiss-butt audience?

And then we have all these women who view someone carrying their load in somewhat of a romantic gesture. Even though they are fighting like hell to move for second to first class citizens. Go figure.

Then, there are those men breaking their necks to go above and beyond to charm ladies out of relationships.

When you look at the reality of being frugal, practical, realistic; those are some of the reasons why things are so muddy - confusing and chaotic.

Lesson from an Ancient Civilization? These people have been practicing the art of whatever you call it when others wait on you "hand and foot". Some are tired and want a change, but here is the deal.

People desiring to serve you is nothing new. You may have even been committed out by previous generations, just depends. But there nothing wrong with people desiring to serve, wait on your every beck and call. Don't abuse that honor, Appreciate it, give back in return. Pay it forward and there will be a lot less muddy water.

Even out of the depths of slavery, slaves wanted to please there masters, but was met with even more rejection and hardship. People who do not deserve this kind of treatment should not have it forced upon them, for they will ruin the whole show. Why be ashamed of your slaves? Why were they so worried about what others might think, say and do? Guilty feelings are a dangerous thing. That was their downfall and consequently the down fall of a whole economy.

It was the same with housewives and that is why so many women are ashamed to be cast in that role, they were abused and taken advantage of. The more you do to please, the more abusive this sucker becomes? Can you blame them, but most immigrants do.

They talked and still do talk about their slaves like a dog. They did and still do talk about their women like a dog.

It is a bad master who does not appreciate and honor his or her slaves and they deserve the same in return.

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