Combating Global Warming

The effects of global warming.

Global warming is caused by a breakdown of the ozone layer around the earth.

Ozone is a natural occurring gas that can be both beneficial and detrimental to organisms on Earth. It is important that a sufficient amount of this gas is present in the stratosphere, where certain molecules would shield most of the UV radiation from reaching the Earth.

Many artificial chemicals have contributed to the "breakdown” of the ozone layer and the effect of such is devastating to all creations.

Preventive measures from international governments have been taken, and it is hoped the ozone hole would not continue to grow. I fear these efforts are too little too late to be effective.

With the onset of the 2007 racing season, just think of the amount of further ozone damage and fuel consumption.

It has been said that global warming will devastate the world economy on a scale equal the world wars and the Great Depression.

Think of pollutants and fuel consumption from auto racing alone. If auto racing was an Industry, the Environmental Protection Agency would implement more restrictions on racing but, because of its huge fan base and profit margin, more than likely, nothing will be done.

At a normal racing event there are 43 racers going 325 official laps totaling 500 miles. A weekend of racing includes 200,000 fans of which a great percentage of those will be driving SUVs. Imagine this world wide!

Greater efficiency is the most obvious and most logical answer to global warming and fuel consumption. Will they ever be implemented?

Rejecting it means not only exporting more American dollars but pumping ever-increasing quantities of pollutants and global-warming gases into the atmosphere.

There are obviously a great many more culprits, too many to mention but the greatest of which is the oil industry.

Too much profit by too many organizations leading to the demise of mankind!

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