Helping You

What am I here to help you do? Do we have that reversed? Why not turn around?

How long do you think you can last at this pace? Is there no hope? What happened to anything is possible?

How good am I to myself? Am I really treating me right? Had I known how grueling it would be, I never would have taken it own.

Have you ever driven to nowhere for nothing? You know how we see the end product and want it for ourselves, well, had you known how grueling it would be, would you have taken it on. Even with this website, it can be very grueling, physically or mentally demanding to the point of exhaustion.

We see the glamour, glitter, making our lives easier part of things, while often overlooking the extrinsic value, how functional, it’s intended purpose, what’s it meant for, how can it benefit me…

Take an auto for example, most of the stuff on it, you would leave off if you had a choice or could pay less, but why don’t we have a choice? Why don’t we choose longer lasting autos over aerodynamic autos? How is an aerodynamic auto going to benefit you? Power is great, but how does power benefit you? Would you just keep going until you kill yourself? How powerful do you want to be ? How far and fast do you really want to go? Now, you can really see our mentality, our quality, our intrinsic value. We would rather fly over shit than to make it nice and safe for everyone to drive.

Did we ever complete our transportation dream? IF so, by now everyone should be able to go everywhere on earth, at NO CHARGE. How many times do we pay for repeating the same old mistakes? Now, ask yourself: Is it better to have an auto? Do I have a choice? Now, think on our own self-imposed punishments and consequences? How many accidents, injuries, resources are wasted daily in order for us to drive to nowhere, for nothing? Remember the flow we think we enjoy today, started with a gun. If we really treated each other with a better since of respect and fairness, would our jails be so over-crowed?

We’re too quick to talk about what God can do, until we never realize what we ain’t doing. It is what we’re not doing that’s causing all our problems. You can talk about your glass being half full or empty; but ; you never talk about the fact,,,you don’t even realize you ain’t put shit in your glass. We’re so busy watching everybody else’s glass and stressing about keeping-up, our glass goes neglected. Our favorite word is: WHEN. When I get to Heaven. When you get to heaven you ain’t go do no more than you are here,,,think about that shit. You are scared, mis-guided, mis-informed….how in the sam-hell are you going to get to any place like Heaven going in the wrong direction? We’re so far off course we refuse to turn around.

I was at a junk yard, full with so much junk it would never to be used in this life time. In this yard was some stuff I needed, but the owner refused to sell to me, why? I guess that is how he collected it all. I saw a building being torn down, again there were some junk I needed, but again the owners would not sell to me. Now, we sell to China, India… but we will not sell to our own kind.

How functional are we? How big is your house? Do you really need all that room - $15 million…Is there anything we do worth million, billion, trillion dollars? Who says? Now, you can very easily see how our value system is so warp. Do you even know the value of what you have? Well, if you only adhered to the aggravations and consequences of having it, you would let it all go. If we do not realize the worth in what we have, how can we ever use it properly?

Is it my job to listen to people or listen to God? Now, how close am I to doing what I’m supposed to or what others expect of me? Just who am I trying to satisfy and why do I give God so little credit? Is God the problem or is people the problem? How good are we to ourselves? Live and help live? What good does it do to help a man who refuses to help himself? Will he be ready in a timely fashion? So what value do you really put on this life? Do you feel like an eagle or chicken?

If you don’t treat me right, how can you treat you right? Like I said: Had I known this task was so grueling, I never would have taken it on.

(((your inner

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