harder than a black man

Is it the White House? Just imagine the pressure to perform?

Really, what's more complicated than being in relationship with a Black Man? Being a Black Man.

Nothing harder than being a black man And it was that way until I met you. It's amazing our hopes, dreams and fears when we first meet.

So, what is Nothing to UNDERSTANDING? There is nothing harder than a black man, as a mate, family member and friend, who could better understand?

Your woman, but we cannot talk...but we're more than willing to listen, if you allow. That pisses you off, but we go just as well. We feel your pain and you deny it.

I see you looking at the wonders of the world. Remember, out there more is less. I see your thoughts and when I inquire; you tell me, nothing is on your mind.

But to what is NOTHING, if nothing is harder than a black man? What is it to be your woman, while dealing with my own insecurities?

Though, I have body enough to carry your babies, heart to carry your pain, mind and soul to be just as tormented, is less more? Take hold of me and feed, I know what you need, not less, but more!

He didn’t bring me all this far to put me down now.

What’s harder than a black man speaks volume to Black women. Just imagine the pressures to perform. Together we STAND.

(((your inner voice.com)))

Un Coeur Sincere

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