Helping In Vain

Is like collecting water in a bucket with a hole in it.

Those who do not positively respond to help given.

Why accept a job you know you can not perform? You are late, unprepared, lie and then expect to be paid.

Those that do not know and appreciate quality products and services.

Why would you risk pushing a stroller, with baby, across a dangerous intersection while using a cell phone?

This article addresses those advertising themselves as the person who can do the job when they can not or adults that defy common sense.

They won't to go forward and you won't go backwards.

You can not force anybody.

You can't give up.

Consider how you can help the situation.

80/20 rule.

Education - Plant a good seed, nuture and watch it grow.

Pray - Forgive - None are perfect.

Healing, let-go and allow time to work itself out.

Above all, we must learn to work together, the strong and the weak. The strong must carry the weak.

Those that properly deal with bad situations will be known as "one who defeats adversity".

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