Hip hop the new music rule

Watching The Mo’Nique Show, I had a chance to hear Dr. Cornel West. I really enjoyed that show, it was so entertaining and informative.

After visiting the website of Dr. West, I thought these questions would be good for me to address.

Is hip hop the new music rule?

Hip Hop is a style from the generation just after mine, whatever it was. After you get to be a certain age, music comes in two categories, I like it or I do not like it. All my life, I have tried to avoid controversy, calling something good or bad, especially music. Fads, they come just as fast as they go-- platform shoes. The generation before mine did not approve of some to the things my generation did, but thank God they gave us room for self-expression.

Hip hop to some may be the new music, but to me, it is just music, well the songs I like. Hip hop seems to be a music and song which describes a people living in fear. Though some hip hop is, at times, a bit vulgar and gangster, in most cases, it is no worse than some of the cadences we sang in the military. It seems like a way for those in need to build their level of confidence and there is a profit. Most blacks could nor would not pay the kind of money needed to produce hip hop artists. I will not mention the repulsiveness of many of those old rebel fight songs, especially during their time. Do you know Dixieland?

Globally speaking, there are so many different music styles, til hip-hop ain't even a drop in the bucket and I am not sure how new it is. So whatever importance we put on hip-hop, it only effects a small percentage of people--more a fad than a reality--guns and violence. If you want to rule something, rule us out of this mess we are in.

Do you know any African songs, well they probably do not know any American songs either, unless they were profitable.

Cultural awareness provide hope to the United States

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