In lieu of your inner voice

I have always had good thoughts, but chose not to write them and often not to follow them, in lieu of the status quo.

I was religious but could not accept the growing hypocrisy and double standard systems of my religion, although I respect the church. I could not accept something on the outside that my inner conscience had not accepted. It is hard for me to follow or listen to someone who says one thing and does another. All it ever did was confuse me, I was a fake and my life was a total wreck. I had money, but no peace. Though I was doing as I was taught, I knew this was not really what I should be doing. So I retired from the army, did not continue to attend church, heard little preaching and had very little knowledge of the bible. I read very few religious books or scientific literature and did not join any other religious groups or religious sect.

In all that I did, I never strayed away from my spiritual faith, which I view as being broader than religion. Time was ticking and I continued to pray and be open to others. As I searched the world over for a while, until I came to the conclusion to read the bible and let it be my guide for living, while I know nothing better by which to live and I could learn for myself how to best live my life. As my life was a wreck, I continued praying and asking the Lord to please intervene. That is how I came to your– In this attitude I persisted and a wonderful peace came over me giving me comfort and strength to move forward in a new life.

Then there came self-doubt and I, who have nothing, was learning again, how to be and express myself, by myself, for myself. Now, my life is a total wreck the other way, lol. But do you know what, in more ways than ever before, I feel better than I have ever felt about what I am doing. Stress levels are way down. I have time and good conversation for anybody, regardless of race, political affiliation, education, money or all that other crap. I am truly enjoying my life, I just hope I can keep earning enough money to keep the lights on.

Just as God has done with HARRIET ROSS TUBMAN, Bertha Dudde and others, He is also doing with me. He is taking away my doubts and I too acknowledge Him as my Father. In His Word, my faith is growing and I am receiving and writing daily.

your inner voice

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