Inner Voice My Conscience

A plain compassionate people

There are so many fascinating features of the inner voice and the conscience is one of them, as we seek peace and prosperity.

The conscience is a funny thing. I will use sex to demonstrate that. You see a person you think you really like, you get to know them and you learn they are just not for you. Now, your conscience goes to work.

When you look at where we are today and how we came to this point, you learn we really do not like the way we got here. Boy! That is amazing! That is catastrophic! That is self-defeating… That is scary! That is out of control! We have falsely portrayed ourselves as a compassionate people. If you have any compassion anywhere, you can not like the end result of what we have done. Now, it is good and I thank God for being here, but now; what can I do? Because of my conscience, something tells me there has to be an immediate and drastic change or we will drive off the edge of a cliff. So I think it is very clear and we all agree, A Change Has To Come.

Being that this is our economy and our double standard lifestyle we have become so comfortable in, that means “shut up and listen”, to all the leaders that has led us to this drastic end. They are making us believe they can figure out how to save our misplaced government and "the people" at the same time. What are they going to do? How can they save us? Who is going to be saved FIRST? While our leaders, who have proven the only thing they can do is run our country into bankruptcy, "try" to figure out how to save our sinking ship, pressure is building within the people, the silent majority. In the mean time, what are "the people, the silent majority" expected to do? Now that the silent majority is being just that, who is stopping the collection efforts? On one hand leaders are walking off with ridiculous amounts of money and on the other the majority of people are perishing. Now that is my conscience talking, which most have learned to ignore. This behavior has caused us to be lost. Our leaders are afraid, therefore; to tell the people, the truth.

Our leaders are studying and presenting several ways to bail out “the people”, while they bail out themselves and other reckless companies. Not one word of compassion! Where is their conscience? Before long it will be too late. The people are expected to ignore their conscience, hence; we are tolerating a behavior that is destroying us. Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society. We must immediately revert back to being a community based upon compassionate and common sense, not “cents”.

In your opinion, it probably seems I am mad and out there in crazy land. My conscience inspires my compassion for truth because I do not want my country or fellow man to fail. I do not claim to know anything, but my conscience tells me, “It is time, we just become a plain compassionate people and it is only “the plain compassionate people” who can save us.

What do I want? I do not want to be a politician. I want unity, peace and prosperity for all people. I want one people, one culture, compassion and common sense, while respecting the differences in all people. I want the courage to be able to admit this failed corrupt system is not worthy and can not be repaired nor saved. I want to be intimately involved in the grass root effort to build our new society based upon the above.

How do I ask for your Help? Will you help me please? I want you to lend your support to my ministry for this grassroot movement to pass on something good for future generations.

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