Forty minds are better than one.

I have been told, several times, I do things without thinking.

I wonder if any more thinking would have made me choose any different? Some of the pages I write has taught me that Rome wasn't built in a day. How much information do I really want to share? How valuable is the thought process? Then, you do all that thinking and nothing gets done.

So more important is to have a clear mind and start small. I can always add more.

From past experiences, I gain insight. The capacity to discern the truth from fiction and the ability to grasp the inward or hidden meaning and nature of things. This takes time, not memory? I am focusing on the message, rather than what happened last time. Now, that I know; my goal is to achieve the desired results, this time.

INSIGHT is a spiritual gift which helps us build skills to fulfill our mission and help others. It is the window to being out on faith. Insight gives you the confidence, the vision to do whatever it is that you must do, for the good of the whole.

your inner voice and Insight, I want to be better.

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