Who inspires you?

I already know, not me or you would not be here?

Are you hard or easy or is that better said, complicate or simple?

Recognizing someone else is a gift. It's a simple, heartfelt way of lending your support by sharing your appreciation and gratitude. Let someone special to you know you care by sharing with them "they inspire you".

That's a gift that goes to work right away. Whatever it is you want, then give it. "You can't lose with the stuff I use." - Rev. Ike

So little to make a big difference. This little heart felt gift, makes the difference between winning and losing in your family. WE are family aren't we?

So think about your so called friends, are they people who are special to you? Send them a simple but special note saying, "You inspired me.

Because, you truly inspire me. Thank you so much for bearing with me.

Then, we'll send them a note notifying them of your generosity.

Thank you -- and from all of us, best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.

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