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common sense living, quality of life, for what are we working?

Are we really doing our jobs or are we just reporting to work? Does any of that add to the Big Picture? Are you a creator or poacher, of U.S. jobs? How do you get to be a creator?

The rationale for teaching people financial literacy comes from the fact there is no real job security. If you are not well informed about our jobs, you will miss great opportunities. Now, what happening to our jobs?

What happens when you have more people than you do jobs? Jobless rate bolts!

My thing is how we abused our job situations when we had them - trick?. All the equal opportunity crap, was it really necessary? Why? Does that say anything to you about our mentality? So, No I am not against jobs or work, but that 9-5, 5 to 7 days a week, we have flunked that course. I mean what are we making, do you see to what end that has brought us?

We cannot live without working, but the modern day job, why would anyone want one? For just money is the wrong reason is it not?

Why write about it? The impact of our mistakes to help make sure we don't make the same mistakes over and over again, as we rebuild. To encourage entrepreneurship. Our freedom is slowly being eroded away. How can we work for freedom when the more we work, the less freedom we get? It is like my website, the more I write, the less progress it makes!

With the freedom gained, without the modern day job, comes an inner wisdom that guides our thoughts, words and actions. We would be free from so many negative thoughts and fears, less in the "rat race". What is wrong with that? Free and freedom to celebrate the goodness all life has to offer. Does your boss appreciate that? I think Dolly hit it right on the head, with here 9-5 song.

We have learned to depend on someone else to provide our jobs for us. My experience teaches me that, This presents very dangerous situations and today's job market is proof. It puts profits above family. Many of us have multiple jobs and still can not make ends meet.

Our lives are centered around this three letter word " JOB", meaning CONTROL - Just Over Broke, instead of our work.

We are educated for this purpose and the purpose of getting a better job -Higher education. Do this, do that for more pay.

Yes, you can get a job but is it descent? Speaking of company.

Credit and a job goes hand in hand???

How does it all start? You look across the fence and you see Bill. Bill has everything you want. So you inquire, learning it was all received due to Bill's "good job". They push it. They promote it? They make it even more tempting by adding "benefits". Monkey see, monkey do. Now Bill's wife has a job! On and on till there's nobody to take care of home.

Jobs should be based on common sense living rather than production. Doesn't that make sense? Jobs need to fullfill the needs of communities and not to make a profit in China. What good does it do to make a Chinese car in America? Where is the incentive for Americans to make American cars better? To whom are automakers responsible?

Benefits, the real benefits are lost. What kind of benefits are they offering, when you pay for them out of your pocket, Not company profits. Now YOU are working for the profits of your company, paying for your own benefits and theirs!!! Shouldn't that be the other way around?

Profit margins, you can barely make ends meet while "they" profit and benefit from your labor. Your family suffers while theirs enjoy the fats of the land. Where does it stop? When is enough enough?

The lie is two-fold. First, equal opportunity employer". Second, who, in their right mine, "wants" to leave everything they own to go to a job? Who wants a job producing junk, when our quality of life is constantly decreasing. Who wants a job anyway? Things must be really bad at home! Common Sense?

And really for we are still forced to endure. The song "nobody knows" and nobody wants to know.

What one person receives without working, another must work without receiving.

Hospitals and Organizations like them

Even after all these years of abuse and jobs, the poor and middle class find they do not have sufficient funds to meet their own immediate needs, much less retirement or their children’s education.

Awaken your financial genius and gain independence and freedom! Discover your passion, go for it and share. Who said it was going to be easy?

Jobs, Do jobs really make life better?

The Road Not Taken

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