My work is an expression of who I am as I use all my senses to create something of value for myself and the world.

To work for food, clothing, shelter and to help our fellow man. Is that the hope of every human being? I see a difference between work and a modern day job.Most of our jobs are not decent nor or they run by decent people. Most are out for one thing and that is "their profits".

The short-cut to it all is money. We slipped that in to entice a person from their work and as a reward to do our work, to secure our debts. Why not trade work for work,,,working together?

So in my work, if I was clever enough to invent an automobile, why would not I be eager to share it? Is that the way we raise our children? Is that how we create double standards? Any other way is going to cause descension within the ranks - violence.

The more we work together, the easier job! How did we get so far off track that we cannot get back to the basics? We really never got away, mostly due to jobs, we changed our priorities and now, confusion and chaos. What I am saying, doesn't even make sense to most people. Forget their work, they are dead set and determined to find them a job.

Work for your own food. One generation to the next, health is the greatest priority, over the long run. Live long enough and there will be a day when you are unable to labor.

Then, what will (((your inner voice))) say?

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