Business lending experts are ready to help you with loans, leasing and credit!

As the last of the good credit score holders trickle through, can they save our country from financial ruin?

If you share critical information pertaining to credit with your lender, you may be in a position for unavoidable exposure. Just what does your credit report say? Who has access to it?

No credit, bad credit, we will give you credit?

Rembember when your finances was all about budgeting and saving? Now, it's all about debt and credit, while protecting your Identity!

To what end does all this credit and debt lead? What is the least we can get away with? If you are under 35 years of age you may not have ever heard of savings account or budget. Everything you heard might have come in the form of some kind of investment or insurance policy, to which, we are seriously addicted, brain washed and can not get enough.

We see ourselves as being so in control, yet the threat of crime (greed) and over-inflated prices have wiped us out. We talk about budgets and smart buys, but how do we get them when everything keeps going up? We refuse nothing! Is that because we know the deal?

Financially speaking, I do not believe this country, America, belongs to whoever we think it does. I know it doesn't belong to the people who are financially strapped.

So if you agree, what are we going to do? Small bucks today can mean big bucks tomorrow. Trillion dollar budget deficits!

Business lending experts are ready to help you with loans, leasing and credit! But who is going to help you pay it back, how? What are the chances of financial castrophe? Get a loan to pay a loan, where does that end? Is that going to help us get out of debt? The old saying, you will be in debt until you die, did you know that would be to a tune of a trillion dollars? How much of that is my debt?

I guess it is a case of the good must suffer with the bad! We need more new ideas and innovative solutions?

Annual Credit, the only truly free place to see all three of your credit reports for free once a year.

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