What is, Why and How?

Entrepreneurship is using your passions, gifts, blessings and talents to help make the world a better place. Nobody has to tell you anything, they just request your services because you are good at what you do, when ever you do it. And because you love it, you are always right on time. Now, that is something we can pass along.

Entrepreneurship vs. Jobship, there is a constant struggle going on here. It seems the current system supports a minority in entrepreneurship and a majority in Jobship. And I think jobship is how we came to this depressed economy.

Why? How can you tell, when it okay for anybody to start a business? Yes, so it seems, but just go down and try and get one of those "start up loans or help? I know in rural America, the good old boy system works well and it is hard to network, learn and grow in an honest business venture. Help is out there but good help is so hard to find and acquire. When your business fails, see who comes to your rescue? See really who supports you doing business? From the bottom-up!

Should not this be the other way around? Should not we have more jobs than we do people, now that is job security. How do we get more jobs than people?

Every person should be encouraged to start or be employed at a business of their choice. An entrepreneur supplies and demands the best quality products and services at "the lowest price" - a stable economy. Who would desire otherwise? How do you create bad economies, Inflation, Recession...?

I guess over the pass years we have had an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, I mean experiences.

What happens when you have more workers than jobs? Employer's market! The other way around is an employee's market.

The livelihood of the majority depends on the livelihood of a mighty few.

On the other hand, entrepreneurship is the flesh and blood of life. It encourages sharing and working together. What does the phrase: "My Your Own Business" really mean? It gives every person the opportunity and a reason to be innovative and to grow, in their own right.

The lowest common denominator, Entrepreneurship builds global economies. The idea here is to create more businesses than we have people...future growth and an employee's market.

Like 84 percent of Americans, if we think entrepreneurs are important for the health of the economy, why do not we create as many as possible?

Rural communities to urban communities, One community, Let's build better together!

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