Redefining Life In America

As Americans and as a People just what are we doing?

$7.7 billion loss, driving up record deficits to pass tax cuts, Lured by money, Depressing results, Bankruptcy, Secret deals and Misspent, Political clashes, Tax hikes, Angry voters, Medical mishaps, Redefining beauty, Crime, Sleep apnea, DWI, Domestic and Drug abuse, Economy, Debt and the list goes on. These are all Red flags indicating a desperate need for change and certainly they are against peace and prosperity. We are starving and our government is trying to feed us cake. Are these the things today's Americans will pass on to the next generation of Americans?

Based on what we already know, how can you see what we are doing as work towards peace and prosperity? How can you see America improving in any way, shape, form or fashion? I am not trying to say, there is nothing good being done, but what good is that when the whole ship is sinking? Are we already in well over our heads? Has greed kill us? We listen to politicians we cannot trust? As much as we know about animals, why don't we know the same about us? Can we wipe ourselves out? Do we discount the seriousness of this statement because it came from someone like Art? How can you keep doing things that make "no sense", yet believing they make sense? For the life of me, I cannot understand why we do not apply common sense to every issue? How can we ever know what is really going on? How can you expect any subordinate to follow your lead? I see the result as doom and gloom if we do not change soon!

Redefining life in America, as a land and a people? Do Americans have the ability to come together in order to resolve their own issues? The way its going now, politicians are more concerned about party loyalty than about what’s good for all people. There is a Republican scenario, a Democratic scenario and on and on, but where is the people scenario? What if the people liked some things from the Republicans and some from the Democrats? Why are we forced to be one or the other before we can vote?

What about people without a party? If we had no parties could we better focus in on the issues? What are we really doing for Americans who so desperately need help? Compromise is what is needed to solve the nation's problems. Does that mean ideological purity? Politics and Purity? Everybody is saying listen and agree with me, but what about the ability to come together on even one issue? We are becoming even more divided on critical issues while nothing is getting done. How long can we fight ourselves? Further, ideological purity, whatever happened to using basic English so any high school student may be able to understand?

People without a party, not only compromise on Capitol Hill, but compromise all over America. Why can not or do not our leaders see that? Why do not our people see that?

It is not a question of what Americans want but a case of if Americans do not can Americans stand the consequences! How many people are overlooking this no brainer to better resolve major issues in this tumultuous society? We want a candidate and party to resolve problems for us.

We know we ought to fundamentally change our philosophy, but most people are not prepared to do that? How long will it take for Americans to learn they must change. Well, if we do not, future generations will, if we do not destroy all before.

Not one of us is better than the other. To yourself be true. Disdainful of compromise, the only way for Americans to win is to act more like One People, than we do a party, redefining Life as Americans and As A People.

Deceit and Deception!

(((your inner

Rebuilding our economy is rebuilding our people?

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