Do jobs really make life better? Do things get better because of Jobs?

Jobs, meaning one person providing employment or working for another. That sounds great, something like I am my brother's keeper. But incentives are there to keep your brother from taking the advantage of his power? What the incentive to employ those with a passion for their work and not a paycheck? That is the idea, is it not, to provide the best quality products and services at the lowest possible cost?

Let's take a look?

  • Unemployment rising.

  • Crime rising.

  • Corruption rising.

  • Cronyism ever more present.

  • Health care unaffordable!

  • Prices over-inflated!

  • Youth? Families? Friends?

  • Failed economy!

  • Common sense, understanding, The list goes on...

    The Harsh reality of a failed economy?

Yet, I live in one of the riches and most technologically advanced countries in the world. What about economy?

Jobs do not make economies better, but full-time, constructive self-employment does.

Well, how did we get here? Is it working?

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