know your heart

There has to be a better way to reach our youth...

And a better way for them to reach us, before hand.

Never lose the advantage! And that is a beautiful thing.

Your thoughts can get the best of you, if you aren’t careful? Are your thoughts whispers in the wind or reality? Where are our Kings and Queens? What do they do? Do they just drift off into the sunset? Many of our youth find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Some deserving and some not, but how do you reach them? Do you go to them or they come to you? What about half way? If you got all of them out of jail, would they appreciate you anymore?

I’m a Bail Bondsman and have gotten a few people out of jail, but of all the people I’ve gotten out, not one ever came back and said “thank you”. Haven’t given up, but it is what it is? Not that I was looking, but had anyone got me out of jail, I couldn’t help but show my appreciation. So how do jail birds show their appreciation? Another fucking sad story - lies!

Did I do it wrong? Did I not reach out first? If you wanna know where your heart is, watch where your mind goes when it wanders... What do you do about it? The biggest issue with getting a convict out of jail, is “running”. Now, not only are they running from the law, but now they are running from you.

Don’t stop bonding, but never lose the advantage, just makes sense. I’m glad I had someone to tell me that before it was too late.

Don’t let your mind get the best of you. No matter the handicap, we don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

Prove yourself wrong. I’ve seen many people you would consider old, handicapped, cancer survivors… and they have more joy and enthusiasm than you could ever imagine. They got themselves into trouble and they got themselves out, those who survived anyway? I did not help you do the crime and I will not help you do the time.

That’s how many of our correctional officers end up getting involved with inmates. If we had good values and discipline established, our crime rate would shrink. But because those out are more fucked up than those in, our crime rate continues to soar. Are you not smarter than a Policeman? Why carry your ass somewhere you can be incriminated?

Now, who’s going to bond me out? Why not let the criminal come to you? I know the law is crooked, don’t you? Don’t they? Don’t they have a choice? Can’t they see who is willing to help them? Hell, you can’t help the ones out jail, much less those in jail. How many prison ministries do we have? Have you ever heard of Parents of children in incarcerated?

It ain’t easy and somehow I've survived the gauntlet and the best information I can give you is, “stay your ass out of jail”. Don’t allow your mind to get the best of you? Take care of yourself. When someone helps you, do your best to help them back, the beauty in never losing the advantage.

Too easy or enabling...Not only change your life, but the way you look at it. Never lose the advantage and that will teach them.

(((your inner

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