Knowing Someone and Being Open

Innocent people are being attacked, robbed and killed based on the personal information they disclose in the wrong places. I just read a WARNING on "information you should not disclose on social websites" and how failing to adhere that warning puts your life in danger. Do you tell the truth or a lie? Are we compromising our integrity? Are we getting entangled in our own web?

I don’t know my neighbor well enough? This is my first visit? I have to pray about this? I would have, but I did not know? Poll this? Survey that? Cameras? Added security measures?

How long does it take to get to know someone, before you open up? Further, has taking the added time really helped? How much persoanl information are we willing to give, in order to get a lolly pop?

I hear it all the time, all kind of excuses for ignorance and procrastination? It really evokes a snap you out of it response from me.

People have all these excuses when it comes to good things, but when it comes to bad, they jump in head first, sight unseen.

Police? Hospitals, Small Business Association, Credit Cards, Scams, Pornography and more? Register here, there, everywhere? How well do you know your banker before you hand them over your hard earned money? Do you realize how much time and effort you spend making the banker feel safe about securing YOUR money? You don’t even have their finger print, much less know the owners, but they ask for yours? Now, put the shoe on the other foot and apply for a loan? Is your banker any more or less trustworthy than you? Predatory lending.

Insurance for just in case and how willing you are to share your hard earned money and information never even knowing the agent? Insurance profits over healthcare.

Think on all the places you send your hard earned cash and give your most personal information, without ever knowing them and the person around the corner from you give’em "holy hell" for even approaching you.

Your neighbor, you are suppose to love?

Has taking the added time really helped the development of our personal and professional relationships? What happened to a name and social security number? They just keep asking for more and more information. What about references? 9/11.

Today, do you feel safer or more vulnerable? What about the management of land and resources is it better or more out of control? The price of gas. What about the quality of products and services? Infected food. Does paying make them any more or less dependable? Has the rate of crime decreased or increased? Overwhelmed justice system. Church, are people more closed or open? Relationships. Education? What's happening to jobs. False advertising?

Are we any better or less prepared? Does anything we do protect us from the horrors of our society? Terrorism. Then why do we think knowing people is going to make our decision making any better? Why do we think spending more time thinking is going to help make a better decision? Has it helped our economy? Will you ever get to know anyone?

Are we giving critical personal information to the wrong people, our enemies? Are we giving our enemies the very weapon they need to destroy us, One light bulb at a time? Are our enemies exploiting us? What is the Geneva Code of Conduct?

Is this the reason our economy crashed? Is our world any safer do to added security measures or are we getting worse? Are we surrendering to our enemies? What happens when you surrender, how? What does this say about our faith?

Back to the basics, you better get prepared! A man's word is his bond?

The Sanctity of life?

(((your inner

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