Layoffs boost Jobless Rate

Layoffs of the Great Recession boost Jobless entrepreneurship.

Jobless entrepreneurship produces more business-creations and one man shops. Now, you have fewer jobs, but more business. I understand that, so what is the real problem?

Layoffs of the Great Recession have prompted more and more people to set off on their own, trying their hand at running a business. People are entering entrepreneurship out of necessity. Lack of other options have driven business owners to start sole proprietorships rather than more costly employer businesses.

New data from the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity indicate “startup activity rose to record highs in 2008 and 2009”. There has been an increase in jobless entrepreneurship in America, but it is not from who you might think it ought to be, native-born Americans? Interesting isn’t it?

Something must be done with regard to native-born Americans, taxes are too high; regulation too heavy and credit too constrained. Sounds like we are killing ourselves or are native-born Americans really in control?

On the face of it, entrepreneurship is part of our safety net? So who is really taking America’s future into their own hands? How are immigrants able to avoid these obstacles? They prefer to remain self-employed to avoid assuming economic and hiring responsibilities.

Immigrant entrepreneurs have been an undeniably important source of innovation and new jobs in the United States, however; it has been at great cost to native-born Americans. Measures to further attract the world's best and brightest, such as the so-called Startup Visa now pending in Congress, are being implemented.

Native-born Americans, what will you do? Immigrants are getting startup visas while native-born Americans are getting kicked out? And you wonder why native-born Americans baulk so about immigrants. It is not a hate issue, it is an economic issue. We a killing native-born Americans to allow immigrants to profit!

How can native-borns see their way out? Are we working so we can turn everything over to strangers? The government aids them, but does what for native-born Americans? Is it really a free-for-all?

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