The art of influencing others to willingly follow.

Lead by example.

Leaders need followers but followers do not necessarily need leaders.

Today’s leaders must be partners with the people they lead. They no longer can lead solely based on position and power.

Too many leaders act as if the sheep, their people, are there for the benefit of the shepherd, not that the shepherd has responsibility for the sheep.

"What they must have are: inner mastery; a central, compelling purpose rooted in moral values; a capacity to persuade; skills in working within the system; a fast start; a strong, effective team; and a passion that inspires others to keep the flame alive." Seven key lessons for leaders of the future- David Gergen, Eyewitness to Power

Enjoy and be great leaders dedicated to the cause of "The People". As we rebuild America this is what I would like my readers to know. Eyewitnesses!

Rep. John Lewis

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