lies we thought truths

Maybe I'm mis quoting Carol Tuttle here but think about it.

What do you do about limiting beliefs and patterns.

Some of you would say, I'm twisting your words, but am I twisting these words?

Remember, “Everyone carries limiting beliefs and patterns. In clearing these energies, we heal the lies that we thought were truths about ourselves.”

“We thought they were true because we kept having experiences that made us think, “This keeps happening to me so it must be true!”

“As you change your beliefs, you change your life, and understand now that you can create whatever you want.” Remembering Wholeness, God bless you, - Carol Tuttle, Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher

So Carol says, because you listen to your own lies, you are limiting yourself and over time you become conditioned to living a life of a lie and your life reflects that.

I want to be surrounded by people who can help me, who have a great understanding of life and how to get what you need to get in it, so I feed them, just like I want to be fed.

(((your inner

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