Life for Many

Jesus gave his life for many or was it just for the people of whom you approved? Think about it?

Do you know that story? Why did he need to do that?

What must you do to benefit from it?


Have you ever been fucked up? That's what happened to Him, right? And the way the story goes, he died for you? Did He fuck up twice? What do you call it? You probably don't believe people died for you?

But what you did was far worse than a mistake, you just did it for "hell of it". No respect for yourself nor anyone else? The more gas/oil we burn the smarter we get? Electricity, we are getting pretty comfortable here. Like we are here to stay. Would you stop? Would you be too embarrassed to admit it? Are you too intelligent, too saved, too hiding behind your own little title? Are you affraid of what your kids might think of you? Keeping it to yourself is going to make matters better?

Driving makes you smarter? No it's a cell phone? Beautiful home? Flying, reckon if we could do it all at the same time, we would be that much smarter? I am glad I found mine and I am happy to pass it on to the next generation? How do you get a clean heart and mind?

Be human, there are so many different languages and ways to express what you should be feeling on the inside. Don't fool yourself. While if you knew anything, we would be much better off, wouldn't we?

Would you cause the poor to suffer? Honor your father and mother? ....some people ain't got no father and are affraid to adopt. They'll take a dog, cat,....

Freedom to confess, doesn't matter how, don't get too high on your hog to.

your inner voice

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