To be logical is to be illegal

What happens when to be logical in any case is to be illegal?

When we do not want to take the time to figure the logic of any situation, we make it illegal to engage in such activities.

Even though we know every or each individual case has and should be based upon its own merit, we make these stupid laws. Does someone need to tell you it is not acceptable to kill another in any case? Does anyone need to tell you that it is not logical to hurt another?

Making these kinds of laws is much like what I often do in my writings and that is to be redundant. Redundancy leads to boredom and corruption and generally should be avoided. An idle mind leads to a devil's workshop.

Failing to be logical, in any case, whether it is economic logic of illegal immigration or any other, leads to further confusion and chaos and in that we shall perish. The chain of responsibility has been broken. Are we not our brother's keeper? You cannot skip out on being accountable, but in your own mind, you may be able to skip out on your responsibility.

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