I am a Loser.

I can not win for losing.

Their are more losers than winners.

Losers are a unique breed.

They win but they lose.

Losers, Survivors and Winners.

Losers can not hold on to anything, no matter how much you give or they get.

Winners attract Losers.

Losers impersonate winners, most often misleading.

Losers have a tendency to think things will never change or get better.

People tend to see losers as losers see themselves - they do not have the ability to come together.

Are you willing to step outside your boundaries?

Losers must first recognize when losing has become a problem and that you gain nothing by losing.

Losers can gain and have the ability to become survivers and winners.

"Never let anybody tell you that you can't make it. You have to let everbody know you got to keep on pushing, some way some how". -Curtis Mayfield

I've got my strength and it don't make no sense to give up.

Change playmates and playground.

Unite and become a winner.

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