make a difference

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How do you make a difference?Flag me down

What get’s on your nerves? What kind of people, animals, what about a flag? I was with someone today who made me believe there was something seriously wrong with people who did not believe in the same flag as them? What kind of people is that? They stole the land, conquered and mounted the people, now they turn their noses up at people who believe in the same flag as they do? Are they true to their flag, even if it means downing another people?

What does a flag really mean? Don’t you give the meaning to a flag? HOW CAN I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG AND SAY, fuck it to HUMAN RIGHTS? What people would submit their enemy to such allegiance? You know you don’t like me, why should I like your flag?

What do smart, wise people really think about? If they only think about their asses, what should they expect of me? If they do not want to do a damn thing, why should they think I don’t? How do you make a profound difference without losing your ass? Do you think our parents would approve, reckon they are happy with our accomplishments so far? Are their tax dollars working for them? Maybe we need them back to show us really how to unite this country? Somehow, I missed that united part. Don’t see it, never seen it and don’t believe it ever will be as long as there are assholes like you. Anybody believing that is a real asshole. How long can you keep a Separated States United?

Do you think you are above the law? Do you just make up the laws as you go? Why couldn't we get it right the first time? It has been all these years “300 plus” and we’re further behind than we were when we started? Then we tell you,,, It depends on who you asking?

Do you really think you are going to get away with all your evil bullshit? You talk so much you don’t even know the truth any more. That is how long and short you have been lying to yourself.

I am not going to lie with or to myself any more. I am going to tell it like it is because I believe that is the best way and you don’t really believe in shit worthwhile. If you knew better your stupid ass would do better. How can a man get ahead fooling himself? You don’t even know the value of an ice cream, much less a gallon of gas. Think about shit? What’s the difference in our evil, hypocritical asses and Sadam, osama, hitler, the big Russian bear….

What kind of person believes the whole world hates them? Do they love you? Why not? Why don’t black Americans love White Americans? Why don’t Native Americans love the White Man? Two against one. Is it against the law to tell the truth in America? What was the civil war all about?

Think about that the next time you hear The Star Spankled Banner play. Listen to the words and ask yourself why? Why must we teach our kids, to not associate with certain groups of people? Put the shoe on the other foot, shouldn’t every man have “the right of passage”? Why do we keep some people from walking through this country? What do we have to hide, to keep from, to deny them even the right to walk through your neighborhood? Is that tribal or what?

We want to give Jesus Christ everything, but we’re in a serious state of denial. Do you think Jesus Christ would mind if you gave somebody else some pussy? Why is prostitution legal in some places and forbidden in others, like the United States – Star Spangle Banner

What is the holy word for being more concerned about boarders, barriers, labels, titles…than you are people? Star Spangle BannerIs that how you make a difference.

Something is happening and it is about to boil over, and I do not want to be caught on the wrong side of the fence when it does.

(((your inner

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