manner of men

Look how pure and clean these pages are?

What was good is now bad and what was bad is now good? “What manner of men should you be"? Stolen without shame, am I to be who you want me to or who I am?

Its gloom, its sadness, its horror, and withal, its sweetness. Then came a sudden cry, "Look! Look! Look! See, two horsemen

We have been blinded somewhat, blind after the manner of men.

But Mother Nature is spectacular. She is the essence of the human being new normal. That's why we want to keep it that way.

Fair and peaceful solutions, they may not be the ones you want, but they are what's needed to maintain our sanity and unity. The best things in life are made of real things, the sweet taste of energy, intensified.

(((your inner

manner of a man

Two can play that game, Insurance company fraud.

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