Mating and Marriage

It is not our will but His will that we come together.

Long before we knew what marriage was, There was a plan.

That plan brought us through such times as slavery, mating not marriage --A time when husbands were separated from wives, children from parents. Breeding was introduced, slaves nursed masters' babies.

Today, we have forgotten or disregard that behavior but the effect are still present.

Where is the healing? Where is the family leadership? I can hear someone saying, "We don't need it."

Only after healing can we successfully deal with Marriage.

The pressure we create to get married versus the educational process to stay married. How can we, if we skip over some of the most traumatic times in our lives.

That's why so many marriages lose their way. Most of us have not a clue what roles are played by whom. Marriage is most often one big ceremony that probably should not have taken place --a way out or a way in.

Here is proof: We continue to do and undo them like they are "nothing".

Choosing a Life Partner

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