Milledgeville, Georgia

or "Georgie"

Georgie, you don't have to agree, just ask some of our senior citizens.

Do you know where Milledgeville, Georgie is?

Do you know something good about Milledgeville?

Do you even care? I guess you have done well without that information so far. But Milledgeville is a pretty interesting little town.

It is centrally located in the state of Georgie and at one time, was the capital of Georgie, might even have been the first capital.

Milledgeville was strategically chosen because of it's location and climate. Mild winters and long summers. Yet a very distinct change in seasons. You can really see and enjoy the magnificent changes in all four seasons. Get bored with one and the next is there before you know it.

Milledgeville went through and survived slavery. Well, we are doing our level best.

We also pride ourselves on surviving Sherman's March and being a loyal and faithful member of the Confederacy. Do you know the song, Dixie? Watchout dere now!

I don't hear it too much any more but, I can garantee, it is still being song somewhere.

We've got The Old Governor's Mansion and The Old Capitol Building to prove it and I think we've managed to hold on to a little "gold dust"--the old capitol building. When you come to town check to see if it is still there.

We mine our own business and the largest industry during my short life time>...>>>...Nope, it's not the department of corrections. Religion? You are getting warm.....

Slavery and Indians...not so much but there were some here. We don't talk about that much.

I Know somebody knows. If not, I would like to be the first to submit this question to the Jeopardy Show.

Lunatics. We are the home for The largest mental institution in the state of Georgia.

We have changed or updated the name several times but the fact remains the same. We might have been Georgia's first, but I know the state mental institution has been here for many years. Still, I am sure, Milledgeville is well adapted to care for the mentally insane. The largest facility in the state of Georgie, some thirty thousands, plus, were housed in Milledgeville at one time. In that light, we are a bit special.

Where did they all go?

Today, we are a college town and steadily growing, have one college/university, one Junior College, 5 prisons, 1 juvenile facility, one public high school, a host of churches, nieces and nephews-- an American Legion and a Country Club.

We are quite spiritual, most popular being baptist and we welcome all.

We have quite a few good restaurants, local and chains, a great opportunity to sample traditional southern cooking. A nice selection of entertainment for young and old. Great outdoor life--hunting, fishing, water sports and gardening.

Enjoy, visit Milledgeville and know, You are always welcome!


Wikipedia Milledgeville...Don't be scared now

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